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Please teak the boxes down to book your interested tour and ask for more information. All tours are conducted 2.9 km from Moshi town center and other within the town.

Half day tour - Rau forest reserve hike and hot local lunch [teak]
Full day tour - Rau forest reserve hike, rice farm visits, coconut water, planting tree experience, hot local lunch
Rice farms tour - abc about rice farming, hot local lunch prepared from rice; white rice, brown rice and rice burns
Birds watching [half day] – rau forest birds, paddies birds, hot local lunch
Moshi town tour/Market tour 1-3 hrs – getting to know Moshi town, monuments, markets, restaurants, administration offices and the people
Moshi town NIGHT CLUBS fun -we will take you to Moshi town night clubs and having funs
Tanzania foods cooking lesson- full day – visit local markets, buy local foods stuffs and learn how to prepared local cuisine
Biking tour-half day-Moshi town to Rau forest reserve, adjacent villages and hot local lunch

Tour conducted out of Moshi town

Kikuletwa hotspring (40 km from Moshi town)- day trip
Kikuletwa hotspring (40 km from Moshi town)-2 days tour
Lake Chala (60 km from Moshi) – day trip
Lake Chala (60 km from Moshi)- 2 days trip

From Kilimanjaro International Airport
From Arusha
From Moshi Town to our office